Robinson Forest Wildlife Management Area

Located in Breathitt, Knott and Perry Counties, this area encompasses approximately 15,000 acres of primarily upland forest.  Robinson Forest is owned by the University of Kentucky and is used as a forestry/silviculture experimental study site.  Hunting and fishing are managed by the KY Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources by agreement with UK.  Approximately 4,000 acres of Robinson Forest has been strip mined for coal since the early 1990's to raise money for the school.   A large portion of the area is considered a wildlife refuge (~10,000 acres), with the remainder open to hunting and fishing (user permit required).  The area is home to a wide range of wildlife including reintroduced elk, black bear, ruffed grouse, timber rattlesnakes, green salamanders and a wide variety of songbirds.  A vast network of 100's of trails enable the visitor to access this area.


Robinson Forest WMA can be accessed from Jackson (Breathitt County) by heading south on Hwy 15 to Lost Creek.  Turn left onto Hwy 476.  After ~8 miles turn left onto Buck Creek Road (gravel).  The Robinson Forest Camp is located approximately 3 miles down this road.


Robinson Forest
711 Clemons Fork Road
Clayhole, KY 41317
(606) 666-5034


More Info

KY Dept of Fish and Wildlife Resources - Number 61
Robinson Forest - University of Kentucky
Robinson Forest WMA - West Kentucky Corporation - private interest group