Peabody Wildlife Management Area

Peabody Wildlife Management Area
Peabody Wildlife Management Area encompasses approximately 60,000 acres in Ohio and Muhlenberg Counties.  The majority of the property is reclaimed strip mine land although some tracts of undisturbed forest land are present.  Most of the mined land has been reclaimed to grassland and provides excellent opportunities to observe grassland bird species such as blue grosbeaks, grasshopper, savannah, and Henslow’s sparrows, and short-eared owls.  Peabody WMA also contains over 3,000 acres of water in a large number impoundments ranging from 1 to 150 acres as well as numerous swamps and sloughs.  A large variety of waterfowl, wading and shore birds can be observed there at various times of the year.  Many species of raptors are also observed soaring over the grasslands during the winter.


There are many access points to Peabody WMA from state and county roads.  A user fee is required before entrance to Peabody is permitted. Permits may be purchased where ever hunting and fishing licenses are sold and maps of the property are available with purchase of the permit.  Maps may also be obtained from the Peabody WMA management office at 270-273-3568.


Peabody Wildlife Management Area
1398 Hwy 81N
Calhoun, KY 42327

(270) 273-3568

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